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22nd October 2013, Varese (Italy)

Last 25th May Hirum Wandangi, from Kenya, went to run Ruaha Marathon (Iringa, Tanzania). He didn’t win … but his commitment and his efforts to head the group for the first half of the race have been rewarded by the organization with a special prize: a flight ticket and invitation to run in Italy!

At the beginning of the year, the Ruaha Marathon organization ( has signed a twinning agreement with Runners Valbossa (, an Italian running team based in Azzate (North of Italy, Varese district).

All this was (and is) possible thanks to AFRICA&SPORT (, an Italian NGO who promotes and sensitizes in Italy a culture of solidarity and believes in sport to implement social projects in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). This Italian charity has already supported a Tanzanian amputee guy, Nasri Juma Hamisi, from Babati district, giving him prosthesis for walking and running and invited him to run Milano Marathon last April (and even in 2012), Kilimanjaro Marathon last March (and even in 2012) and Ruaha Marathon last May.

AFRICA&SPORT supports Run2gether (, an Austria&Kenya partnership, that provides Kenyan athlets and their families the opportunity and the appropriate basic conditions to help themselves to finance and master their lives through running. Hirum is one of these runners!

Next 3rd November Runners Valbossa will organize “Trail delle Terre di Mezzo”, trail of 35km around countryside and hills of Varese. Hirum will go to Italy to run this race and even Arezzo half marathon on 27th of October. “Im very happy of course” says Hirum “I’m confident to get my personal best on half marathon when I’m in Italy and above all I want to meet Italian people and runners to share our different cultures and way of life”.

Good luck Hirum! Ruaha Marathon organization is very proud of these partnerships and invite you all to the next Ruaha Marathon on 25th May 2014.

For further information, please contact: Marco Rampi –

Versione in italiano

Domani 23 ottobre alle 17.30 Hirum sarà ad allenarsi in pista a Calcinate degli Orrigoni.
Chi volesse vederlo in azione o allenarsi con lui lo può raggiungere in pista

Un grande ringraziamento va al valbossino Luigi Feroldi ed alla sua famiglia per aver aperto le porte di casa ed ospitare il ragazzo in questi giorni.


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